How CERN benefits society

The scientific advancements of CERN push the frontiers of technology, which has a positive impact on society globally. Although the core mission of the Laboratory is fundamental research in particle physics, it also has a remit to train the next generation of scientists and to bring nations together.

The transfer of CERN technologies and expertise to society is an integral part of these activities, providing novel solutions in many fields. Find out more about Knowledge Transfer at CERN.

The COVID-19 pandemic saw the establishment of the CERN against COVID-19 group to channel ideas and initiatives from the CERN community to support the collective global fight against the pandemic.

CERN is host to a global community of skilled scientists, engineers and technicians, supported by dedicated personnel with expertise ranging from theoretical physics to procurement, industrialisation and knowledge transfer. In these extraordinary times, CERN made these resources available to experts from fields including healthcare, vaccine development, epidemiology and emergency response. With CERN operating in safe-mode, the Organization turned its chemical laboratories and mechanical workshops to the task of producing protective equipment to support local efforts to combat COVID-19. 

And find out more about the work of the CERN & Society Foundation, that supports and promotes the mission of CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and disseminates its benefits to the wider public, across three main areas: Education & Outreach, Innovation & Knowledge Exchange, and Culture & Creativity.